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There is a Toshmachit architectural complex in the center of Vang'ozi village, Kyzyltepo district. This beautiful and ancient complex was built in the 16th century, exactly 1583-1585. During the reign of Bukhara, Abdulkadir II was founded by the Khojagon sect leader Khoja Sa'd Jujabiy. Khoja Saad Jo'ribori is considered to be the famous contemporary of his time, Bukhara's Sheikh-ul-Islâm. At the Institute of Oriental Studies named after Abu Rayhon Beruniy there is information about Tashmacit in Badriddin Kamiri's "Ravzat Ar-Rizwan and Hakikat al-Gilman". Tashmachit was originally made of wood. Then it was rebuilt from baked bricks. Born stone, you have to name the name Toshmasjid among the people. The building is in the right angle, it is built to a height of 70 cm, with a size of 27 - 24 meters, two rooms with a mihrab, two storey dome. The dome has 16 domes, 8 of which are located in two large and double edges. The center dome diameter is 6 meters. The mosque is covered with a mixture of four-cornered brick and ganch. There are 17 small holes in the outer walls and 9 doors on both sides of the building. The main part of the mosque is to the east and the entrance is of a high elevation. The two sides of the roof are decorated with low-angle columns, and the top of the roof is decorated with epigraphic horizontal panels. Four of the building's walls have bricks. Corner benches are installed on the western back wall. At the center of this style, there is the size of the relief at the level of the mihrab, and on each side there is a hinge-colored hole. In the 1970's, mosaic panels on the building's walls were found, and in the interior there were "monologue", as well as ganch engraving and decoration. The walls and cliffs of the inner part of the building divided by strong pillars are spat. The mosque is well lit by the holes in the tall dome of the dome. It creates light and shadow play in the interior of the room. The towers are equipped with grille. The doors are decorated with carved ornaments and the mihrab sconces. The building was built of 29x29x5 cm square rectangular bricks. The bricks were laid on the floor. Next to the mosque there is a magnificent minaret built in beautiful style. Its height is 24 meters and the diameter of the foundation is 3.65 meters. The top of the tower ends with 8 hinged holes and spades. The complex was decorated with a minaret, a madrassah and a hammam building, a beautiful historical monument. Unfortunately today, the bathroom has been damaged. The minarets are an inseparable part of the mosque and are designed to call the adhan. At the same time, it was a city-building. The interior of the tower is about 60 stairs leading upwards. Together with the tower, the Toshmachit complex is equally important not only for Central Asia but also for Muslim countries in terms of art architecture. Tashmasjid monument has been renovated several times. The roof of Obidan is decorated in the XIX-XX centuries. Lastly, there are reports that they were restored in 1913. However, during the soviet period, this unique monument was used as a warehouse.

The splendor of independence also brought up the ancient stone tombstone. Particularly after the first session of Navoi Regional Council of People's Deputies of our first President, Islam Karimov, on May 31, 2002, the reconstruction work was started, and the fund was established for this purpose. In May 2003, the historic architectural monument appeared in a new fashion, beautified its surroundings and turned into a beautiful, beautifully-lithedle of Vang'ozi's ancient and ancient name. At present, Tashmecyid, a pilgrim and local favorite of the local people, has a separate "Spirituality-Library". There are about 100 books on religious and enlightenment subjects. Today, the mosque's main building is designed for 600 people, which is the opportunity to pray in one room during the holidays and pray for peace and happiness. The ancient monument of the sixteenth century is now the original source of Kyzyltepo, the place where the ancient history of the ancient times is a hilly peak of Navoi.

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