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Care and attention for veterans

The people of Uzbekistan remember the colossal contribution of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers to the victory over fascism. For this reason May, 9 - The Memory and honor Day is important in cinching the continuity of our national values, memory of heroism of participants of the Second World War and labor front veterans, demonstrating respectful attitude to the representatives of older generation, as well.

The Republic of Uzbekistan since independence in 1991, abandoned totalitarian, administrative-command planning and distribution system and has chosen its own model of development. All spheres of life started to be reformed. And the Victory Day , a  holiday commemorates the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany, that was celebrated by Uzbekistan while the country was  a part of the Soviet Union, after independence  was introduced as The Memory and honor Day. It has become an important historical date, and incarnates the restoration of justice and truth in relation to memory and dignity of man. May 9 is no longer the Victory day, and the Second World War of 1941-1945 years is no longer the Great Patriotic War (Russian: Великая Отечественная Война ) for independent Uzbekistan.

The square of Memory in Tashkent is always particularly lively especially on the eve of 9 May – Day of Memory and Honor. Every year on May 9, the first head of our state Islam Karimov laid a wreath at the monument "Grieving Mother". He honored the memory of our compatriots who sacrificed their lives in the Second World War. The year, which was announced as a Year of attention and care for the older generation, in particular, in connection with May 9 – Day of Remembrance and Honour, our country is implementing large-scale targeted measures in order to raise the living standards of elders in Uzbekistan, to improve quality of life, social security and pension provision for them and to form a modern system of state services provision for people of advanced age.

Islam Karimov’s successor  the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s decree dated 28 December 2016 “On measures to improve the work of the Nuroniy foundation for social support provision for veterans in Uzbekistan” is a bright example of the actions Karimov started.

On the occasion of the national holiday May 9 Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the next decree – “On rewarding veterans of the World War 2”. Recently in accordance with this decree all veterans of WWII have  been rewarded with one-time cash-bonus of two million sums and memorable gifts in a grand and festive atmosphere. Last year veterans were given 800. 000 sums.

“I am grateful that I have lived this long, till these peaceful and prosperous days,” Baraka Zaripov from Navoi region says. “Thanks to God and the president that we are at the center of attention and respect.”

Baraka Zaripov was a serviceman in the artillery in Belorussia during the period 1941-1945. Today he is a really happy veteran that has a lot of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He has a range of medals – “Jasorat”, “Ikkinchi jahon urushidagi g’alabaning 70 yilligi” and others.

In short, everything will be done to ensure that our elderly people feel full support, care and attention of the state, which seeks to create the necessary conditions for a dignified life. Indeed, today thanks to them in our homes reign a welfare and a prosperity, and our sacred duty – to honor and remember those who fell on the battlefield.

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