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Mausoleum of Mir Said Bahrom

Mausoleum of Mir Said Bahrom – a miniature architectural structure of X-XI centuries – located at the park entrance, in the heart of modern Karmana. It is ranked among the few most valuable architectural monuments of Uzbekistan.

About Mir Said Bahrom to the present day came little information. There are suggestions that he was a representative of Samanids dynasty and was appointed as khokim of Karmana. Since its foundationKarmana was three times destroyed and rebuilt. But mausoleum managed to be preserved thanks to a simple, poor mosque. These two buildings were once joined, and according to witnesses in this architectural ensemble looked very nice. Tall, made of carved wood gates of mosque were decorated with protruding nails of iron and copper, and the gate of mausoleum were richer. The mosque was demolished in 1960. Mausoleum building also underwent partial destruction. According to local residents, in the mid-70s of the last century it was almost half filled with sand.

Mausoleum of Mir Said Bakhrom is a unique structure. This mausoleum is the smallest of the mausoleum of Uzbekistan. Surprisingly considered his terracotta ornaments, carved brick inserts, geometric pattern (girth). Many find the similarity of the mausoleum of the famous mausoleum of the Samanids, which is located in the city of Bukhara.

Inside the building is a marble tombstone that covered with gold embroidery material. The walls of the building are in the form of an octahedron with arches on which rests a small dome. On the arches are preserved beautiful decorative terracotta inserts with smooth ornament from the tree.

The mausoleum itself is directly adjacent to the mosque. Around the mosque there is a long veranda, on which the wooden columns with carved patterns. This part of the structure is a modern building. Sam yard and porch floor lined with red brick.

Mausoleum of Mir Said Fringe is a monument of national importance. Now around the memorial garden, where citizens spend Pockets festivities associated with Navruz, Independence Day and harvest festival.

This architectural complex was built by masters and architects of the time and has a great historical and spiritual value for us.

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