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Navoi – land of ancient history

Navoi region is a true oasis in the desert. It was restored in early 1992 on the initiative of the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. From that moment a lot of work has been done to improve the status of the region in the socio-economic, spiritual and educational life of the republic.

Despite the fact that Navoi region is young, its ancient and rich history has made an enormous contribution to the development of world civilization. Abundant evidence of the existence of ancient cultural centers of Saks, Khorezmians, Bactrianswere found in the result of archeological excavations in this area. In one of his speeches, the first President of the country said: “Dear friends, how old isKarmana district? Or when did Rabat and Sardoba, located in Chuli Malik, reveal? Do not the rock paintings of  Sarmyshsay prove that these lands are the cradle of the ancient culture? ”

Today Navoi has become a fully developed and prosperous region of the country. Navoi  is the largest of the regions and ranked the 2nd place after the Republic of Karakalpakstan. Its total area is 110.99 square kilometers. According to its original natural conditions Navoi region is divided into three parts: The northwestern part of the region is occupied by Kyzylkum plateau, Nurota ridges stretch in the east, and the south is edged by the Zarafshan River. Navoi region is situated in the central part of Uzbekistan. Its area is 110.8 thousand square km, or 24.8 % of the total area of the country. The region borders with the Republic of Kazakhstan and Jizzakh region in the north and east, with the Republic of Karakalpakstan in the west, and with Samarqand, Bukhoro and Qashqadaryo regions in the south.

Water founded in Tamdibulok, Karakotov, Chingildi of Navoi region is used for health promotion and at home. The main water source is considered to be the river Zarafshan.

The northern and western parts of the region are occupied by dunes and steppes. In the spring, this area is covered with a colorful carpet of medicinal and other herbaceous plants. There are more than a dozen species of plants, like Astragalus, wormwood, Syrian rue, cane, dodder, haloxylon, tamarisk, etc. All 12 months of the year people  are engaged exclusively in animal husbandry here.

Navoi region is a home for wild animals, rodents, mammals and reptiles that are not found in other parts of the republic. Wild boars, wolves, jackals, foxes, long-tailed and steppe cats inhabit Bukantau and Mingbulok. Steppes and meadow areas are rich in colorful ground squirrels, woodchucks, ferrets, porcupines, lizards, rare species of snakes. Bustards, Karabura, flycatchers, pheasants are common representatives of bird kingdom.

The first Uzbek President appreciated the role and place of the region in the development of the country in the following way: “. When we talk about Navoi region, we are emerging a picture of the industrial zone, along with the unique nature, boundless steppes and deserts”

The population of the region exceeds 924,000 people. Navoi region has 8 districts: Navbakhor, Karmana, Kyzyltepa, Nurata, Uchkuduk, Tamdy, Hatyrchi and Kanimekh. Most major  towns – Navoi and Zarafshan, there are 38 towns, 54 citizens’ assemblies and 278 mahallas as well. Navoi town has important economic value, and is a major industrial center of the western part of Uzbekistan. We can say that the town has become a kind of outpost of the development of the desert.

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